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It's Not the "Vision Thing," It's the "How To"

Posted By: Dick Schutz on December 9, 2008
Zucker writes knowledgeably and helpfully about what is happening and what is likely to happen with virtual high schools. However, in my view, the commentary is marred by two flaws.

One, Zucker follows the crowd in treating the “how to” of Information Technology as Education Technology—where there is an absence of “how to” or even the recognition that the development of such technology is feasible and desirable. Absent more “how to,” virtual high school courses will continue to do nothing more than emulate face-time courses.

Two, “society” doesn’t have “vision.” People have (or lack) vision. “…a vision of the education our children need and the proper role of government support for education” and a couple of bucks will buy you a cup of coffee--but nothing more. Polls for decades have consistently shown that parents, employers, and general citizenry would be satisfied if schools were to reliably deliver kids who can read, do arithmetic through algebra and have the work ethic to get a job or enter post-secondary education without “remediation.” Anything more would be gratefully accepted, but not demanded. We have to school with the vision we have, not the vision we’d like to have. It’s not the vision that’s the weak link. It’s the current inability to reliably deliver on very reasonable schooling demands.

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 It's Not the "Vision Thing," It's the "How To" by Dick Schutz on December 9, 2008
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