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Core or Chaos?

Posted By: Dick Schutz on August 13, 2008
That a core research-prep course would spend a year on initiation Ēinto the competing theoretical, epistemological, and paradigmatic complexity of contemporary educational research Ē is a good indicator of the state of the art of contemporary educational research.

I donít see that the instruction did anything more for the students than to predispose them to do the kind of ďaction researchĒ that the course was modeling. I donít see that the report offers anything that can or should be emulated by other doctoral prep institutions.

It would have been productive to have queried the course drop-outs. It could be they concluded this was talk they didnít care to walk.

I would also be productive to query the nature of the dissertations the students subsequently produced. My hunch ia that they tried to do what they were taught, but itís an empirical question beyond the purview of the reported study. More research is needed.

Dick Schutz
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 Core or Chaos? by Dick Schutz on August 13, 2008
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