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Read a Post for Who Really Cares? The Disenfranchisement of African American Males in PreK-12 Schools: A Critical Race Theory Perspective
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We All Care...But Are We Ready to Act?

Posted By: Ayanna Balogun on January 31, 2010
The idea of educating African American males in the public school system is frightening to most in the educational arena. Often times the negative portrayal of these young men in the media, stifle teacher motivation and silently solicits this behavior from the youth themselves. However, despite the challenging journey depicted in the media or by "the achievement gap", educators must take a stand on this ethical issue.

Dr. Howard presents this topic of "disenfranchisement" with dignity and authenticity and should be recognized for such a noble effort in our educational field. His research offers valid and valuable information with intent to motivate us all to "act" on how much we care, instead of discussing and self perpetuating the issue further.In other words, "our talk and research is cheap" if we don't enact any policies or movements to solve this genocidal problem. If we begin to "act" on this issue, we can demonstrate the "caring" we claim.
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 We All Care...But Are We Ready to Act? by Ayanna Balogun on January 31, 2010
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