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Consider the Audience

Posted By: Sandy Butler on June 24, 2007
What many critics of Ruby Payne's Framework miss is her intended audience. With the purpose of reaching those in closest contact with school age children, it is not surprising that her work does not satisfy those farthest from the public school classrooms. Her narrative is based on her lifetime experiences and reflect what she has gleaned from them. The intent to improve awareness of those "hidden rules" that exist around us. Her work is not laced with rigorous numbers that reflect a formal methodology. I have read her work and shared it with secondary educators and pre-service teachers. It does resonante with them--first through some ah-ha monents in their own life--and then by extention to their classrooms. The informal tone and plentiful examples weave realistic threads for many teachers. Her audience is interested in what she had to say and I believe many students benefit from an increased awareness of the function of class and privilege.

--Sandy Butler
Colorado State University

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 Consider the Audience by Sandy Butler on June 24, 2007
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