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African American Male Married Forty Years Plus

Posted By: Sherman Miller on May 30, 2007
As I read your comments they were disquieting because they appeared to denigrate wonderful work of the black beauticians over the years. My late mother was a beautician and I always felt she gave her customers the hairstyles they desired. My youngest sister is the beautician in the family today.

What is further stressing is, I have watched black womenís hairstyles evolve from being pressed, going with an Afro, to using chemical relaxers, to wearing wigs or other human hair pieces today, but I do not recall the greater society saying this is what black women have to do. My own wife of 43 years has made some of this evolution; however, she is a Neanderthal by todayís standards for she only has her own hair on display.

I think beauty is in the eye of beholder. As the old adage suggests, what is one manís ocean is another manís stream. My youngest son is married to a white lady and my daughter to a white chap; so far all of our grandchildren are biracial. These grandchildren are living between two cultures everyday. We recognize that we are part of a paradigm shift in race relations where vestiges of the racial degradation that we underwent may not be the plight for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

We have learned that as grandparents our role is to love whatever color grandchild comes through the door. These children carry our flesh and blood.

I worry that your comments suggest that you may be blinded with hate for yesterdays sins of the White America, hence it difficult for you to recognize legitimate progress. I have written hundreds of opinion commentaries in the African American and Mainstream American press over the years. I have argued against the hip hop people for calling Black Women (bitches and whores). I feel that it is crazy to call your wife, mother, sister, cousin or aunt a bitch or whore. I am disturbed that black rapper gave Imus the license to make his degrading comment. On the other hand you might want your readers to read what Stephanie Mwandishi Gadlin writes ďHip Hopís (Unspoken) Ten Commandments at http://blackland.whgbetc.com/hiphopcommandments.html

Surely you might wish to join in the struggle to move this hip hop nonsense out the mainstream lexicon. I am sure that the Ku Klux Klan is jumping for joy because the Hip Hop Ten Commandments is one of the best degrading anti-Black movements since the move ďA Birth of a Nations.Ē

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 African American Male Married Forty Years Plus by Sherman Miller on May 30, 2007
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