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* Bravo!!

Posted By: Alicia Moore on May 16, 2007
In a nutshell: As an African American educator, I was elated to see this article!! "Black Women and the Other 'N' Word" spoke to the experiences of dealing with a socially-constructed image of beauty that continues to marginalize women of color. While reading it, I was personally reminded of the dilemmas I have faced in the wake of the "good" and "bad" hair debate. Additionally, I remember my identity being indelibly tied to my hair and my weekly quest to make sure it was not "nappy", but straight at any cost -- including my self esteem. The article also eloquently spoke to the issues surrounding the deep-seated disrespect under-girding the vile spewed so carelessly by Don Imus and to other injustices that plague the African American community. Dr. Marbley has clearly hit the nail on the head with a piece that brings to light a cultural and biological phenomenon that most do not understand - the privilege of having beautiful "tight curls". I am not my hair, but I am the power in Angela Davisí afro, the elegance in the Supremesí beehives, the strength in Cicely Tysonís 60s cornrows, and the wisdom and strength in Maya Angelouís hairstyle du jour. I am not my hair, but I am proud to be seen ďinĒ my hair.

Thank you,
Alicia Moore
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 Bravo!! by Alicia Moore on May 16, 2007  * 
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