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American education, let alone American higher education, starts with and is based on private education

Posted By: Corrington Hwong on May 2, 2007
American education, let alone American higher education starts with and is based on private, religiously-affiliated education. More specifically, I refer to Protestant-affiliated institutions.

The oldest secondary school in continuous operation in North American is Roxbury Latin School. This institution is Anglican/Episcopal-affiliated. Harvard College was affiliated with the Congregationalist Church. The same affiliation is true for Yale College. William & Mary, the second-oldest higher education institution, was affliaited with the Anglican Church. Princeton University ( originally, the College of New Jersey) was founded by New Light Presbyterians. Columbia University ( originally, King's College) was founded by the curious combination of Episcopalians and Presbyterians. Rutgers University was founded by Dutch Reformed members. Dartmouth College was established by New Light Congregationalists. Brown University was founded by Baptists. Hampden-Sydney College, a Colonial - era institution, is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church.

Many of America's top-tier private secondary institutions were and/or continue to be affiliated with (mostly) Protestant denominations. St. Paul's School ( NH) is an Episcopal church school. Please note Democratic presidential candidates Howard Dean and John Kerry are alumni of of this institution. Former Vice President Al Gore is an alumnus of St. Alban's School, another Episcopal Church School. The National Association of Independent Schools members with the largest per-student working endowments are both Episcopal church schools ( excluding special purpose , endowed institutions).

The oldest boarding school in continuous operation in America is private, The Governor's Academy ( formerly Governor Dummer Academy ).

The condition, academic quality , and commitment to these private institutions by their alumni, friends, current parents and current students is in sharp contrast to what is considered the first public secondary school in America, Boston English High School.

Recent news reports about the deplorable physical condition of Boston English along with the inferior student academic performance ( let alone poor student behavior ) at the institution punctuates the difference between independent/private education quality and American public education.

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 American education, let alone American higher education, starts with and is based on private education by Corrington Hwong on May 2, 2007
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