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A question

Posted By: Amy Warren on April 3, 2007
Since when did the responsibility of teaching morals shift without doubt from responsible parents to schools? When we first started teaching children in schools, we were focused on having them become competent readers, writers, and arithmeticians so they could be productive in their environments. Back then (think Laura Ingalls Wilder teaching at 16) the values and morals were taught to children by parents and clergy - whichever religion was followed by that family. Now we've moved into this "schools must teach everything" attitude without anybody blinking anymore. I remember when teachers used to complain that parents weren't teaching their children manners anymore. Now, there don't seem to be any complaints, just a meek "Yes, we'd better address that, too." Personally, I would like my children to have a basis from which to make their own moral decisions that is presented to them by my family and me, and they can choose to continue to follow that, or move away from it as they grow up. Even Howard Gardner's work on "Good Works" says that strong foundations in a belief system shared with his subjects by their families when they were children, no matter what the beliefs of those individuals as adults, correlate strongly with successful people who do care for others and provide services that benefit all. Educators shouldn't just meekly agree to become the only authority on everything for all children and agree to take this on in addition to the daunting task of preparing them to live in our much more technologically advanced world, even if they don't become "contributers" in the economic system that has brought freedom to more people than any form of government.
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 A question by Amy Warren on April 3, 2007
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