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What is the way forward?

Posted By: Richard Owens on July 2, 2007
As a starting point, it is important to acknowledge the amazing job that many coaches and teachers do in such areas as the promotion of health physical activity and the development of positive self-esteem amongst youth. It is also necessary to acknowledge that, to some extent, one of the measures of the success of any sporting program will be its ability to develop individuals' skills to a high level. Given the competitive nature of sport, this most often has traditionally translated into a focus on winning. What place did he/she come in the event? What is the team's win-loss ratio?

I think that part of the challenge for educators rests with the ways in which we measure and promote what might be seen as the less obvious outcomes of sport education. The real way forward seems to lie with re-imagining both an expanded set of goals for sport education and the ways in which it is taught. The failure of 'sportsman initiatives' is that they can be seen as additional, rather than instrinsic to the everyday curriculum in our schools and colleges. These fresh goals need to include not only a physical and moral dimension, but also a focus on the cognitive, personal and interpersonal.

This link provides access to an excellent article on the topic -


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 What is the way forward? by Richard Owens on July 2, 2007
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