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too many poor people in the world. Also , too many envious folks

Posted By: Corrington Hwong on March 14, 2007
School choice proponents who prefer the use of 'vouchers' have not been sufficiently savvy in communicating the benefits of this approach to the general Public. Vouchers are a misnomer. The education funds dispersal approach is simply DIRECTLY giving each child who is a LEGAL resident of a public school district the funds that have been allocated to support that child's education. The most likely allocation formula would be the per-student VARIABLE cost portion of the public school district's budget.

Public schools DO NOT "lose" any money. IF local public schools don't have students, don't have customers, they shouldn't receive state and federal monies for non-existant students.

Even with a voucherapproach to dispersing elementary and secondary education dollars ( let alone pre-school dollars), most families ....parents ....will continue to send their children to local, public schools. This is because the vast majority of parents CAN NOT AFFORD to send their children to non-public institutions. This is particularly true for people who would prefer to send their children to selective, independent schools. With day school tuitions at top, private schools in the $30,000 per year range, few families can afford to send their children to these schools, let alone send multiple children ....simultaneously...to these institutions.

A voucher approach to dispersing public school alocated funds may alleviate some of the burden for private, non-public education. It won't relieve all of the economic burden.

As it is, public school students receive a gift from every family that sends their children to non-public school ( or who are home-schooled). This is because parents of non-public school students ( and the home-schooled) pay taxes to the local public schools, but do not call upon any significant amount of resources from these local public schools.
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 too many poor people in the world. Also , too many envious folks by Corrington Hwong on March 14, 2007
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