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Read a Post for Psychometric Issues in the ELL Assessment and Special Education Eligibility
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Tell Us Something We Didn't Know

Posted By: Dick Schutz on November 7, 2008
The article concludes with: "if the education community truly wants no child left behind, serious attention must be given to the current assessment and classification system for English language learners and students with disabilities, particularly ELL students with lower levels of English proficiency."


That's a reasonable first sentence, but a worthless last sentence. It didn't require "research" to generate the "data" reported. A brief logical analysis could have saved all the time and effort.

What the "serious attention" involves, who's going to give it, and when it's going to be given are the concerns.

The incidence of "what not to do" the article laundry-lists is transparent. The "issues" involved aren't theoretical and they're not psychometric. They are empirical and they're pedagogical. They're being perpetrated by those at the top of the EdChain, not the bottom. Where is "reform" when we really need it?

Dick Schutz
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 Tell Us Something We Didn't Know by Dick Schutz on November 7, 2008
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