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Plagiarism : the result of pressure to perform and too few competent students ...and ....humans

Posted By: Corrington Hwong on November 10, 2006
The issue of ethics in academia ....and business is the result of the permutation of [sometimes ] unrealistic organization objectives, too many incompetent students , workers ...humans, and the lack of teaching and enforcement of ethical conduct. Too many humans outright lie about their abilities , credentials, and backgrounds in a desperate attempt to hide their inadequacies or inability to tell the truth to their superiors. Organization officers ( Enron , being a prime example) desperately hide their inadequacies through unethical business conduct.

As younger people, many students hide their intellectual, academic, and personal inadequacies by lying, cheating, and, a specific form of cheating : plagiarism.

To a certain degree, the lack of academic integrity is perpetuated and supported by the socio-political liberal attitude that virtuall all, no , make that ALL....children and humans should be moved through an education system , regardless of their natural abilities. We see this when we read articles about people with Down's Syndrome in 'college.' It turns out 'college' is often a communiity college. There are , also, a number of "accommodations" institutions in order for these students to be deemed 'successful.'

The social mores that 'everyone' should be a college graduate brings to mind a 19th century English Literature professor who cryptically noted, " ....the proclivity of Americans's desire for a college degree should be met by giving every child a degree at birth. That way, the people who truly want to learn and be educated can attend classes unencumbered..."

Yep, most people only want to be certified. They don't truly want to be educated. With a premium on seats at elite , undergraduate institutions and graduate / professional schools AND a paucity of legitimately superior academic talent , it is no wonder so many weasels cheat, lie, steal, and plagiarize their way through the American education system.

Americans don't have a corner on lying, cheating, stealing, and plagiarizing. I teach a large number of eastern European and former Soviet Union immigrants. Koreans are also included in this cohort. I experience rampant cheating on tests ...attempts to cheat......and have to design multiple protective devices to thwart such actions. A common solution to cheating on tests is to issue multiple versions of a test to the same class.

Indeed, success in too many venues is based on the superior ability of an individual to lie, cheat, steal, and plagiarize. Academics can play a role in conveying the appropriate and desired social mores of exposing cheating, lying, stealing, and plagiarism. Academic administrators, boards of education, and private school, college, and university trustees can do their part to punish liars, cheats, thieves, and plagiarists by expelling such weasels.

Unfortunately, too many education institutions are reluctant to take on the legal and economic burden of expelling liars, cheats, thieves, and plagiarists. There is always SHAME....and this is another approach to be discussed in a later response.
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 Plagiarism : the result of pressure to perform and too few competent students ...and ....humans by Corrington Hwong on November 10, 2006
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