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Validity gap needs melioration

Posted By: Dick Schutz on January 7, 2009
The aim:
“The Innovative Combinations' Test (ICT), in this initial form, aimed at providing the teacher with a tool with which one could examine progress in the students' ability to meliorate information.”

The reality:
“In order to validate the test, we built two parallel versions which served as the pre- and post-training ability to meliorate ideas. Both versions were shown to three experts—professors in leading universities specializing in cognitive studies, with all three experts affirming that the test indeed examines the ability to make combinations of disparate ideas, i.e., melioration.”

“…teachers of this group’s age are having difficulties in teaching a skill with no conventional subject matter attached to it.”

"Higher Order Thinking" is a noble or ignoble aspiration, depending upon one's view. Irrespective of the view, no one has yet shown that it can be reliably instructed. Tests such as this can be constructed, but the history to date has shown that very short term instruction can teach individuals score high on the test and improve performance from pre to posttest. However, the performance is not indicative of an general new ability.

It may be possible to meliorate the validity gap, but that would require an "innovation." "Innovations" are tough to come by.
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 Validity gap needs melioration by Dick Schutz on January 7, 2009
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