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Read a Post for Melioration as a Higher Thinking Skill of Future Intelligence
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Freedom to stretch thinking

Posted By: Victoria Gilbert on January 7, 2009
While conventional definitions of "meliorate" might refer to simple improvements, the author's choice of this word does not detract from the message the article proposes. As educators, we are learning architects and can design environments where students are given the freedom and provocation to stretch into the kind of generative thinking, "melioration" seems to be. The implication for educational environments seems to be, in part, the need for multiple language instruction from very early on, as well as exposure to many disciplines far from the three 'R's and as many diverse cultures as possible. It would be interesting to look at contemporary inventors and analyze their educational experiences for commonalities and aspects that may have given them the freedom to stretch beyond expectations.
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 Freedom to stretch thinking by Victoria Gilbert on January 7, 2009
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