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* Amen: Awash in NCATE

Posted By: Russell Bradshaw on August 29, 2006
Help! What does this have to do with college teaching?
"Cheaper schools" just pile this enormous task on top of everything else college instructors must do, no extra compensation; in our case - - no extra manpower/personpower at all.
We had one new, struggling- for- tenure instructor who burned out, suffered from chronic fatigue sydrome and quit/was fired: she alone was expected to do the work and file for NCATE cerification for her program. Now, once again we have a single person in various MA programs who is doing all the advising, registering, admissions, graduation checks, teaching their own courses, etc AND having to do NCATE. XXXIII!!!???
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 Amen: Awash in NCATE by Russell Bradshaw on August 29, 2006  * 
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