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Read a Post for Teacher Learning in a School–University Partnership: Exploring the Role of Social Trust and Teaching Efficacy Beliefs
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A Valuable But Incomplete Venture

Posted By: Sidney Trubowitz on August 14, 2008

I commend the authors for their comprehensive and detailed attempt to explore the roles of social trust and teaching efficacy within a school. Integrating university resources into the life of a school redounds to the benefit of both college personnel and public school faculty. But I would note that school improvement which focuses on teacher growth without at the same time affecting the existing social climate of the institution will not have optimum results. It is like seeking to improve the funtioning of one organ in the body without taking into consideration how the state of the total corpus (the school) affects the target (the classroom teacher).
Over twenty years experience as Director of the Queens College-Louis Armstrong Middle School collaboration revealed to me the many factors that merit consideration as a school-college partnership evolves. Among the facts of school life that influence the development of such a collaboration are the following:
The relationship between school and college is affected by a history of failed collaborative efforts between the two institutions and the different perspectives regarding schooling that the respective faculties bring with them.
Choice of Personnel
College faculty chosen to work in the partnerhip need to avoid playing the role of expert and to convey understanding that teaching is a difficult endeavor for which there are no formulaic prescriptions.
The Path to Trust
The achievement of trust between school and college moves through different stages of development and to ignore them is to invite disappointment, frustration, and possibly failure. In our collaboration we moved from a beginning atmosphere of hostility
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 A Valuable But Incomplete Venture by Sidney Trubowitz on August 14, 2008
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