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* Teachers need tools not reasons

Posted By: sandra philips on July 19, 2006
Teachers all know the reasons for poverty cited in Paul Gorski's article. We are painfully aware of and angry about the inadaquate schools, unsupported and inexperienced teachers, large class size and under funded schools in high poverty areas. But he offers only criticism of the tools offered by Ruby Payne to teachers who are desperate for tools and ideas to reach underadvantaged students. I have used some of Ruby's ideas: mental models, role model, why education is important and can say they do work. Both in the class room and with a 19 year old former student with a third grade reading level who now has a GED and is working toward college, I have seen her interventions work. Yes they are only anecdotal but they offer a ray of hope. Researchers, give teachers scientifically proven, concrete tools to help them educate students from poverty. It is unfair to criticize Ruby for not solving the problems of poverty. It is going to take the work of many. No one has the right answer. Lets work together.
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 Teachers need tools not reasons by sandra philips on July 19, 2006  * 
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