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Read a Post for Defending Science Education Against Fundamentalist Attacks
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Misses the point

Posted By: Steven hech on October 4, 2005
It might be nice if both sides were less inflammatory. It is only SOME evangelical groups that are doing this (one of the Judges rationale in the "sticker case" was noting that not all religious groups shared the problem with natural selection). It doesn't help when anti-religous attacks are done, as even implied in this abstract. Intimidation works both ways. The NTSA appears to consider this the only issue it addresses; rather tiring. Perhaps the textbooks need to note that natural selection and evolution has little to do with determing there is or isn't a God. Notice how every group feels they are under attack.
Neither atheism nor theism needs to be taught in the science courses.
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 Misses the point by Steven hech on October 4, 2005
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