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Read a Post for Insights into Alternative Certification: Initial Findings From a National Study
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New Paper by Daniel Humphrey and Marjorie Wechsler

Posted By: Sanford Lake on September 9, 2005
With all due respect, I submit [i.e., it is my opinion] that there is no correlation between the quality of teachers in the aggregate who are the products of alternative certification programs and those who attain credentials through the traditional teacher preparation route [howsoever we agree on the criteria by which "quality" is to be defined.] Rather, the following statement by the authors is equally as applicable to matriculants in approved, traditional teacher certification programs as it is to alternatively certified teachers:

"Alternative certification program participants are a diverse group of individuals who defy generalization. In addition, we find a great deal of variation between and within alternative certification programs. In contrast to simplistic characterizations, we find teacher development in alternative certification to be a function of the interaction between the program as implemented, the school context in which participants are placed, and the participantsí backgrounds and previous teaching experiences."

Were there reliability between and among traditional teacher preparation programs and the cache of the credentials granted thereby, there would be virtually no need for standardized teacher certification assessments.

Sanford E. Lake
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  New Paper by Daniel Humphrey and Marjorie Wechsler by Sanford Lake on September 9, 2005
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