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D3 NCAA Athletics bypasses problems

Posted By: Brad Skaar on April 11, 2016
My son plays D3 basketball. I am a member of the faculty at a large, prominent D1 university with a team which ranks top 10. The heart of sport, and the college-athletic experience lives in D3 schools - not D1. My son and his teammates are all-conference academics. He is a biochemistry major with graduate school offers. The games are exciting, the coaches are true teachers and gentlemen. There are no articles of impropriety. It is pure collegiate athletics and I could not be more impressed, and frankly proud of their whole program. In contrast, my own institution is heavily vested financially, winning is paramount, and newspaper stories read like soap operas.

The point: Why are there no real contrasts between D3 and D1 schools in the academy? The contrasts would provide immense lessons on academic-athletic balance, amateurism versus professionalism, and the effects of money, prestige, and publicity on these factors. A study on such things would be new turf and worth reading.
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 D3 NCAA Athletics bypasses problems by Brad Skaar on April 11, 2016
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