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* A Mix is Always Best

Posted By: Jason Waskiewicz on July 5, 2006
The new fad is that boys are having trouble in school. A few years ago the girls were having trouble.

Boys and girls are different. Girls can be easier to teach because they are more likely to succeed in a lecture/take notes classroom. That's less work for the teacher. Boys don't like learning this way and get bored. I've noticed that the girls in my classroom don't like labs. (If we're going to stereotype entire genders....)

The best classrooms mix methods of teaching. Boys need to learn how to sit still and take notes and girls need to learn how to do practical things. Instead of these wild pendulum swings, let's find the best of everything and mix it.

Face it, a full day of lecture and notes is not an education. A full day of activities is not an education either. It's the mix.

We don't need new teaching methods to meet this new media-generated crisis. We need to use what we already know: there are many different kinds of learners in our rooms and we need to "mix up" our methods to meed their needs.
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 A Mix is Always Best by Jason Waskiewicz on July 5, 2006  * 
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