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Read a Post for Standards Gaps: Unintended Consequences of Local Standards-Based Reform
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* Lessons from History

Posted By: Shirley Malcom on April 21, 2006
When the issue of content standards first arose, there were concerns about how to make them "particular" to each state while maintaining high levels of rigor. I chaired a technical planning group for the National Education Goals Panel to articulate "standards for standards." While this exercise resulted in a document that focused, in part, on the processes associated with the legislation of that time, it also proposed some enduring criteria that are worth re-visiting. Promises to Keep: Creating High Standards for American Students, can be a guide if state and local systems decide that they want to adopt voluntary measures for their own standards, to ensure that students are not left behind on a global stage by being held to measures just high enough to get over a low bar.

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 Lessons from History by Shirley Malcom on April 21, 2006  * 
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