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Read a Post for Movements of Mind: The Matrix, Metaphors, and Re-imagining Education
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To Dick

Posted By: Linda Scheer on December 10, 2004
Since your e-mail is 3Rs Plus - it doesn't surprise me that you don't see the implications within this piece. While the use of the Matrix as a vehicle for examining pedagogical philosophy and practice may be a bit of a stretch, the underlying discussion is sound. I've been there. NO, not all teachers fit the pattern. There are those - the "born" teachers, that instinctively know how humans learn and apply their own practices, as much as they can within the curriculum, to foster children's learning and growth. But too many are technicians who do the same thing, year after year, with class after class of very different children. The challenge is that the production model fails with the wide range of "raw material" that are our children. This is not a flaw, but a strength. However, it makes the production line model inefficient at least, and ineffective at most.

Unfortunately the marketplace is jumping on the profit bandwagon and convincing parents that "Hooked on Phonics" LeapPad and every other education gadget will create smart kids, when in reality, sharing books with children, talking to them and sharing the world of their experience while helping them interpret what they are experiencing creates smart kids! (something teachers can do, too) But there's no profit motive.

I hope I live long enough to see it change, but I doubt it.
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 To Dick by Linda Scheer on December 10, 2004
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