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Read a Post for Parents and the Politics of Homework: Some Historical Perspectives
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Homework and perception

Posted By: Marvin V Lucas on November 30, 2004
The end of the article stated the current view is that the more homework the better. This would be consistent with the school/community logic for the role of homework. However, for any work to be effective in student learning additional components must be present. First the work must be completed by all students. If some parents do not regulate their children to get work done the system breaks down. If the work is not highly achievable by all the system breaks down. If immediate feedback is not provided, ie the teacher able to grade and return the work in a timely fashion, the system will break down. There is much more to the act of homework than only the time taken to complete just as there is much more to conducting an effective lesson than having the students in front of a teacher and must be considered as a whole.
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 Homework and perception by Marvin V Lucas on November 30, 2004
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