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A developmental perspective

Posted By: James Thomas on October 21, 2004
I would agree that the language in the ISLLC standards is centrist in nature but these standards can also be viewed more dynamically. An either/or framework of analysis (either centrist or non-centrist) minimizes the capacity of ISLLC users to apply the standards in more flexible ways.

For example, a principal who goes to work in a building that has a traditional hierarchically articulated culture may begin by translating the standards in centrist terms. In fact, the only way to get traction in such a building would be to start leading from a centrist position. As the principal and the building work through the issues framed by the standards it is very possible that more collaborative norms may be established. These norms would then allow one to retranslate the standards in more collaborative, less centrist ways.

Organizations often move back and forth between more vertical and more horizontal structures. A smart and effective principal will be able to redefine his or her work in terms of the norms that exist. In most cases the tendency is to move from more hierarchical toward more horizontal and collaborative norms.
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 A developmental perspective by James Thomas on October 21, 2004
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