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Observations of a HOTS Teacher

Posted By: Sharon Long on October 8, 2004
I recently retired after teaching HOTS for 11 years and every day was exciting and rewarding. I personally observed high levels of interest and engagement in bright-eyed Title I students who daily were able to:
Verbalize their understanding
Explain concepts to their peers
Justify their ideas
Test hypotheses and develop strategies
Actively listen
Solve intellectually challenging problems on the computer
Use sophisticated vocabulary in a variety of situations
Respond to higher level questions
Think about their thinking
Question the teacher and their peers

HOTS works! I loved acting as a coach (asking “why?”, waiting for elaboration of ideas) and guiding students to use their brains for thinking. The students never did stare at me blankly. They constantly made connections and their thinking skills transferred to many other learning outcomes. There were huge gains in test scores. Their increased self-confidence was evident to teachers and families.

I believe these boys and girls are prepared for the “tests of life.”

Sharon Long
San Antonio, Texas

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 Observations of a HOTS Teacher by Sharon Long on October 8, 2004
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