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Necessity of Definitions

Posted By: Jack Gilsdorf on September 16, 2004
There is a necessity that someone establish some clear definitions before a civic dialogue can be established in this area. Liberal, conservative, neo-liberal, neo-conservative, facism, proto-facism, etc. What I would call the conservative "right wing" of talk-radio in this country has completely distorted the original meanings of these terms. There was a time when "liberal" meant one who eschewed governmental control and ideological conformity, who advanced the cause of individual freedom and liberty,who believed in a limited but important role for government, who believed (in so far as possible) in a live and let live philosophy of life. Russ Limbaugh talks of a liberal as one who advocates governmental usurpation of individual freedom and rights, high taxation, ideological purity, etc. I, too, believe there are disturbing parallels within the current administration of a movement toward facism. However, I assume that is but the logical, long-term consequence of what Eisenhower warned us of with the "military-industrial complex" of mutual interests. However, movement toward facism has usually come from "the right" and not the left.

Jack Gilsdorf, Ph.D.
Lincoln, NE
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 Necessity of Definitions by Jack Gilsdorf on September 16, 2004
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