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Review of Writing Under Control

Posted By: Cathy Upham on March 23, 2004
Since teachers receive little (or poor) training in the theory, history, or pedagogy of writing and rhetoric in their coursework, they absolutely need direction in developing writing curricula. Several comments in the review lament the "prescriptive" nature of writing frameworks externally imposed. Although this is sure to be a popular observation among educators, it panders to the incorrect generalization that teachers are always equipped to provide expert judgment. As a Ph.D. in rhetoric and writing, I have had twenty years to observe teacher training in this area. The frameworks recommended in schools of education are far too often inconsistent, romantic, and poorly grounded in writing or communication theory. In addition, teachers' preparation in linguistics and grammars is very very shallow. There is no subject in the general public school curricula that is more poorly taught than writing. See Lauren Resnick's Education and Learning to Think for a an appropriate vision of what writing instruction could entail.

Dr. Cathy G Upham
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 Review of Writing Under Control by Cathy Upham on March 23, 2004
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