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No Excuses

Posted By: Dennis Redovich on February 18, 2004
This is an excellent and intelligent review of the book No Excuses. The reviewers title, No Excuses: Simplistic Solution for Achievement Gap is appropriate. Simplistic is too mild a term to use for the spurious accounts of the success of voucher schools in Milwaukee. There are no secrets in achieving significant increases in academic achievement in the education of disadvantaged children from dysfunctional families.

David J. Armor describes well the fallacies and nonsense of public school bashers who use K-12 public schools as scapegoats for the social and economic problems of the United States. I will not repeat Professor Armorís exceptionally well-done description of the weaknesses of the book. I thank him for his good work.

I have been commenting on the Choice school program in Milwaukee since 1998 as illustrated by www.jobseducationwis.org 190 The War Against the Milwaukee Public Schools, and numerous other commentaries and reports.

Dennis W. Redovich redovich@execpc.com
Center for the Study of Jobs & Education in Wisconsin and United States
Greendale WI
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 No Excuses by Dennis Redovich on February 18, 2004
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