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†Not with our kids you don't: 10 strategies to save our schools

Posted By: Jesse Turner on December 18, 2003
Juanita, I wish you the best, and keep fighting the good fight. You are more than welcome to join in our Spring Conference in Connecticut: Our Children are more than a test score. Susan Oíhanian will there.
How can we continue to let policy makers and politicians reduce our children to mere numbers on a state standardized test.
These current tests are merely flags that indicate whether a child has reached proficiency at a mastery level at the grade they are in.
When the child does not meet that level-these tests provide no information to indicate what grade level the child is at. In other words they are useless for individualizing instruction for such children.
What is left out of the picture when standardized assessment becomes the only valued assessments a state or federal government recognize to measure achievement? Let me a few:

Daily performance,
Alternative assessments,
Authentic assessments,
Other formal assessments,
Informal assessments,
Special projects,
Differential assessments,
Other norm reference & criteria reference assessments,
Individualize assessments,
Notational observations by teacher,
Grade Point Average.

Dr. Turner
Director of the Central Connecticut State Literacy Center
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 †Not with our kids you don't: 10 strategies to save our schools by Jesse Turner on December 18, 2003
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