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A perspective from "Down Under"

Posted By: Laurance Splitter on October 30, 2003
Now working in New York, I am from Australia and just want to point out that while I do not know the detailed history of the school calendar there, kids and teachers suffer quite harshly because of the constraints of the calendar. The problem is simple: Summer, often associated with vacations and lazing around - especially in the Australian sun - occurs in December-February, officially. In reality, at least in the south, the really hot months are usually February and March. But schools, forced to observe the Xmas-New Year period, take their long vacation in January, returning (often to non air-conditioned classrooms)just in time for the blistering heat of February and March. Granted, they get more time off in the middle of the year, but then it's winter.....

No one, it seems, has ever come up with a solution to this very real problem for those south of the Equator.

Laurance Splitter
Hunter College
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 A perspective from "Down Under" by Laurance Splitter on October 30, 2003
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