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In Your Face: Post Millennial College Students and the New Confidence

Posted By: TM Willemse on September 19, 2003
Response forwarded by permission of the author. From the discussion list at core-net@yahoogroups.com, on the subject of the Core Knowledge Foundation.


"If today's students seem more confident, perhaps it's because adults are too supine. But we really needn't worry too much. You have to remember that students are consumers, and colleges are providers. If you exclude the top universities like Harvard and Oxford, you will find that most professors are desperate to get more bums on seats--their empires (and salaries) depend on it. Students aren't slow to get the message.

"However, a recent newspaper article in England's Daily Telegraph shows that when the shoe is on the other foot, it hurts. When students go out in the cold cruel world, suddenly they are no longer consumers to be pampered. Instead they are competing desperately for decent jobs--and there aren't enough to go around. In England, 25% of recent graduates are either unemployed or working in menial jobs. The graduate who demanded that his or her grammatical howlers go uncorrected would be lucky to get a job delivering newspapers, never mind writing for them. The Telegraph article found that graduates almost invariably go through a period of depression when they find out what it's like out there. Eventually they become normal human beings--once they reconcile themselves to the fact that far from being the centre of the universe, they are a matter of profound indifference to anyone save their mums and their close friends.

"In any case, our generation was even worse. We were so over-confident that we thought that we were leading a world-wide revolution for peace and brotherhood. The current lot are merely cheeky."

--Tom Burkard
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 In Your Face: Post Millennial College Students and the New Confidence by TM Willemse on September 19, 2003
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