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Read a Post for Reflections on Reform: A Former Teacher Looks at School Change and the Factors that Shape It
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Professional Development and Educational Leadership; Some Questions

Posted By: Vivian Koppelman on August 7, 2003
In the article 6 statements are given concerning effective professioanl Development. The 4th statement states that professional development should be given in the larger context of school practice. Can the author give some concrete examples of how to provide teachers with a "means of seeing and acting upon the connections among students'experiences?

The author states that it is essential to the change process to confront differences early as stated by Fullan. Are there any suggestions on how a leader does this while keeping those close who are interested with those who want to sabotage the effort?

The author writes that a competent principal is well versed in district and state policies how does a new principal to the district go about getting information about stakeholders and their views, community leaders and their expectations for the school and the teachers who may have had a number of leaders before?
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 Professional Development and Educational Leadership; Some Questions by Vivian Koppelman on August 7, 2003
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