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90 day wonders

Posted By: Harold Jones on April 11, 2003
Yes, you've got it right! As soon as we change the idea, "anyone can teach" to "some people, with a solid education, can teach" the better off we'll be. Several excellent factors were mentioned in the article and I would like to add recertifcation credit with workshops such as "Box it and Bag it Math" need to be ended. Recertification as well as certification needs to be accomplished in the manner suggested by Dr. Baines. "90 day wonders" are unlikely to be quality teachers. Is there a plan to end public schools with high sounding notions which, in the final analysis, reveal themselves as methods to undermine achievement?

Well, don't pay any attention to us, after all, we are just Bozo's!

Harold Jones, Ph. D.
University of Great Falls
College of Education
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 90 day wonders by Harold Jones on April 11, 2003
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