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Remodeling Schooling

Posted By: Alan Davis on January 22, 2003
The plan for remodeling schooling that Dick Schutz presents makes sense if one accepts its initial premise that there is one purpose of schooling -- for learners to become proficient in the use of particular tools. In fact, schools do and should play a much broader role in the socializing of children. We want our children to learn how to get along with people who are different from them. We want them to develop appreciations for literature and music that they might not come across on their own. We want them to have opportunities to perform in plays, to play in an orchestra, and to express themselves in visual arts. I am not wed to the structure of same-age grades and rigid course structures that Schutz criticizes, but the acquisition of proficiencies at their own pace is not all that I want for my children. A plan for remodeling schooling needs to address the social dimensions of education for democracy and the exploration of activities in which "proficiency" may not be more important than enjoyment and appreciation.

Alan Davis
University of Colorado at Denver
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 Remodeling Schooling by Alan Davis on January 22, 2003
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