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Read a Post for Remodeling Schooling: A New Architecture for Preschool to Precollege Instruction
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Remodeling and preschoolers

Posted By: Denise Pawliuk on January 24, 2003
As a teacher of young children I began reading your article with great enthusiasm. However, I must admit that when I came upon the idea of preschool children being taught to read skepticism creeped into my thoughts. Even if there is course content that would enable child to begin reading at 3 or 4 should that be our focus? We are continually shortening a child's opportunity to be a child. Pushing down schooling, pushing down curriculum, pushing down responsibility. The age old questions of developmental appropriateness and cultural appropriateness creeps in. How do these renovations to schools support auditory, visual and kinietic learners? I wholeheartedly relish the idea of schools being remodeled but I will not support the concept of snatching away childhood any sooner than we curently do.
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 Remodeling and preschoolers by Denise Pawliuk on January 24, 2003
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