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Read a Post for The Gender of Terror and Heroes? What Educators Might Teach About Men and Masculinity After September 11, 2001
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The Gender of Terror

Posted By: Doug Rawlings on September 11, 2002
As a VietNam Veteran and a founding member of Veterans for Peace, I applaud the author of this article for reminding us of how opportunistic segments of this culture (military recruiters, for example) will shamelessly use tragedy to push forward their agendas (as well as fill their quotas). The John Wayne, knee-jerk patritotic response to the VietNam conflict that sucked in so many of us was put to rest for awhile in the 70's and 80's; now, its rearing its ugly head again. Thanks for giving us a means to respond to some of its purveyors.
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 The Gender of Terror by Doug Rawlings on September 11, 2002
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