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Disturbing theory

Posted By: Daniel Monroe on September 5, 2002
"The six preservice educators leave their program emphasizing organization and planning as the most critical component of success as a teacher." This appears to be a teacher educator's big worry about the book reviewed. My big worry is the teacher educator's big worry: organization and planning--not just of pencils, lessons, lunch-tickets--are major factors of successful teachers. Unsuccessful teachers normally fail to organize and plan in any fashion that is congruent with reality. This is because they go to teacher colleges that do not think that organization and planning are important. I always wondered why my professors never told me anything useful about planning and organization, but the reviewer has answered that question for me: he thinks that organization and planning are worrying tendencies in today's young teachers. No doubt his like-minded colleagues are staffing all the teacher colleges in this country. No, I do not think that teachers fail because of lack of vision; it is their vision, however innocent, that makes them choose to teach. The problem is that they are not trained in any fashion that will make their vision real; the strenuous difficulties of unplanned and disorganized classes first saps their strength, then their will and finally their vision. Don't worry, reviewer, organization and planning will never become the besetting vices of my colleagues! I can only hope that I misunderstood the review because of the silly "critical theory" jargon. Perhaps the only cure for critical theorists is reality immersion in classrooms with no windows, doors or magical closets back to the secluded, beguiling and fatuous groves of Academe. Daniel S. Monroe
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 Disturbing theory by Daniel Monroe on September 5, 2002
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