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Stedman vs Berliner&Biddle plus TIMSS

Posted By: Luis alegria on November 12, 2002

Goertz puts much faith in the analyses of Berliner, Biddle and Bracey.

I recall that Stedman quite effectively challenged this "all is well" point of view.


The Achievement Crisis is Real:
A Review of The Manufactured Crisis
Lawrence C. Stedman
State University of New York-Binghamton

The following back-and forth argument between Stedman and Berliner&Biddle in the EPAA is fascinating.

In addition, the business of international comparisons has advanced a great deal since "The Manufactured Crisis", the 1999 TIMSS showing some large deficits in US educational performance.

Luis Alegria
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 Stedman vs Berliner&Biddle plus TIMSS by Luis alegria on November 12, 2002
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