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Vouchers and change

Posted By: Patrick Faverty on July 3, 2002
Parental choice can be nothing but good.... within the system of public schools. A voucher system that allows parents to send their childen to attend any public school of their choice will make a difference - true, fair, even competition.

It is not a fair playing field when parents can use vouchers to place students in private/parochial schools that do not have to follow the same requirements public schools must. If vouchers are to be accepted there should be no entrance requirements for schools involved, no way student vouchers can be rejected, schools must require the same assessment instruments required of the public school system from which they receive students, and special education students must have equal access.

What the Supreme Court has done is to tell us that the public education system is broken and that it is OK to spend public funds on leaving the public system. I would agree that this is a landmark decision. Not to solve a the problem of quality education for all, rather to further the differences among social classes in our society and still not face the real problem.

The problem we have is that we do not value our children...they don't vote. Politicians love having something to "fix". We can "fix" education in a much more positive and productive way than paying for students to leave. Start validating teaching as a profession, provide professional salaries and powerful training and education for teachers using the current research on how students learn. If our society wants to prepare for the future, it only seems appropriate that we spend the money where it will matter the most....on our children andour public schools, not on vouchers, prisons, or machines of war.
Why do I feel like it is not that simple?!
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 Vouchers and change by Patrick Faverty on July 3, 2002
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