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Read a Post for Reactions to the Supreme Court Ruling on Vouchers: Introduction to an Online Special Issue
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Education Market and Voucher

Posted By: Henry Chan on July 6, 2002
After reading the US Supreme Court's decision on the voucher system in Cleveland, my reaction is that the voucher system could provide a wider choice to parents and students alike in picking the school which suit them. It may violate the Western equality concept. However, the voucher system should be allowed to work, especially the American public schooling is in a shamble, where the standard is dropping. Some of the middle-class parents pull out from the public school system and put their kids in the fee paying denominational schools. The voucher system can address the social inequality in education facing the poor parents who could not afford the higher tuition fee charged by private schools.

In brief, the Supreme Court's decision is laudable, and the voucher system should be allowed to work.

Thank you

Henry H.L. Chan, MA(Ed), MPhil(Ed), Cantab, MIL, ACMI
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 Education Market and Voucher by Henry Chan on July 6, 2002
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