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Read a Post for Reactions to the Supreme Court Ruling on Vouchers: Introduction to an Online Special Issue
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the slippery slope

Posted By: Kathleen Gulbin on July 4, 2002
I wonder if the justices will continue to see the diversion of public money to religious schools when the reality sets in. Once the public dollars go to the religious schools, we lose the right to choose what is prosocial and what is antisocial. The slope is not really very slippery when we look at recent history. In the same breath that we learned about the fanatical religious schools in Afghanistan that brainwashed the young, we now offer our tax dollars to the same fanatics that reside within our very borders. Remember Hitler's youth movements? What we cannot forget about man is that he is the only species capable of participating in his own extinction!!!
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 the slippery slope by Kathleen Gulbin on July 4, 2002
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