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Read a Post for Reactions to the Supreme Court Ruling on Vouchers: Introduction to an Online Special Issue
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Posted By: Toni Gia on July 3, 2002
In California, the people voted against vouchers because our schools are overcrowded and there is a shortage of money for our public schools. In addition, the private schools are unable to accomodate the influx of addition students. The sad reality is that vouchers will do little to improve the education of our children. Unless vouchers can locate precious property and build additional schools, they are doomed to fail in California. The people of California have spoken and do not want vouchers. Therefore, this law contradicts the law of public opinion in California.

Additionally, we have a large population of children who have limited English skills. This is a major problem in our schools and no has addressed this issue or created programs that will help our children succeed in school. We need additional funds to help our children learn English. Instead of spending money on vouchers maybe it would be wisee to teach our limited English population the language.
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 Vouchers by Toni Gia on July 3, 2002
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