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Learning after September 11, 2001: A collaborative reflection

Posted By: Jan Visser on November 20, 2001
The Learning Development Institute (LDI - http://www.learndev.org) opened on September 21 a collaborative online reflection on "Learning after September 11, 2001" for invited contributors around the world, representing different disciplines and interests. To date (Nov 20, 2001) 14 contributions have been received; five more are awaited from people who have signed up. Others may still join. Most contributions are in English; some that are in Spanish, French or Portuguese are accompanied by a translation into English.

The collaborative reflection is inspired by the question "What directions do we see for the development of human learning in the light of the events of September 11, 2001, and similar atrocities throughout the history of humankind?" Invited participants were asked, while addressing the above question, to particularly also "clarify the important things we donít know about learning and that appear to be important challenges."

The contributions to the collaborative reflection can be found by going to the above Web site and clicking on the relevant event item at the top of the homepage or by going directly to http://www.learndev.org/LearningAfterSept11-2001.html.

Jan Visser
LDI President

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 Learning after September 11, 2001: A collaborative reflection by Jan Visser on November 20, 2001
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