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Read a Post for Teaching to Higher Standards--From Managing to Imagining the Purposes of Education
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narrowly defined eduction

Posted By: Alma Fleet on August 21, 2001
Greetings all,
I am absolutely delighted to se this article appear on my screen this morning.

In Australia, we have the same debate both in the schools and in teacher education.
As an early childhood teacher education institution, we are knowledgeable about the components
of child development, teaching and learning and so on, but are constantly refining our approaches to
develop reflective teachers and teacher educators who think about their work with young children
and their families in socially contextualised ways. Community embedded education is essential for
reasons to do with empowerment and social justice, as well as strengthening the educative processes.

Narrow approaches to standard setting, demoralise teachers and limit children's opportunities for
problem solving, initiation, creativity, group decision making and so on. We are trying to challenge
deficit approaches to working with both children and adults.

Thank you for this contribution.
Alma Fleet
Head, institute of Early Childhood
Macquarie University
Sydney, NSW, Australia
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 narrowly defined eduction by Alma Fleet on August 21, 2001
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