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All Will Succeed Vs Some are Smarter

Posted By: Arthur Hu on October 29, 2002
This high stakes testing insanity all comes from the
warped idea that we can take the old 8th grade
test idea of "high performance" and combine that
with new idea of getting as many people as possible
into high school.

I'm sorry, but if I see anybody say "every child
can succeed" and that "we need a new paradigm,
it's not true that some children can learn better",
I'm gonna knock him over the head with a rubber

Do they teach people to be inane in education schools
or what??

Arthur Hu www.arthurhu.com/index/washtest.htm


OK, I dare you. Anybody who agrees that we can get
100% of kids from every income and ethnic group and
neighborhood to meet "standard" that flunks 80% of
kids in the first year of testing, put you name on
this list. Why the heck we pay these people $150,000
to be superintendents to promote this insanity is
simply a crime. People should be smart enough to know
that anything that's too good to be true isn't true,
but they aren't.

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 All Will Succeed Vs Some are Smarter by Arthur Hu on October 29, 2002
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