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Dewey's 1906 Definition of Art

Posted By: Stephanie Williams on January 11, 2002
I enjoyed reading the selection by Philip Jackson about "John Dewey's 1906 Definition of Art." When I first read the quote by John Dewey about the meaning of art, I was confused. The way Jackson broke down the quote piece by piece made it a lot easier to comprehend and appreciate what Dewey was saying. What I liked best about Dewey's definition of art is that it can apply to almost anything. It does not restrict what art can be. As long as one feels meaning in what one is doing, and rejoices in that meaning, that is what art is, according to Dewey. I agree with him, and I appreciate his broad definition of what art truly is.
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 Dewey's 1906 Definition of Art by Stephanie Williams on January 11, 2002
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