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Read a Post for Access to Constructivist and Didactic Teaching: Who Gets It? Where Is It Practiced?
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About Becky A. Smerdon, David T. Burkham & Valerie E. Lee 1999

Posted By: Ana Ingstrom on June 10, 2007
In your article you have defined the concept of Didactic wrongly. Didactic is a science where the the focus of analysis is the action of the teacher when transmitting knowledge either any method the teacher is using to help the students to understand; lecturing or using constructivism. Didactic study the way the teacher is going to help the students learn; to transform previous experiences in knowledge and this knowledge in to cognitive facts that the student need to advance in other advance experiences or to advance until get in more abstract epistemological situation; therefore the student will be able to represent this knowledge in more formal language.
Mrs. Ingstrom
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 About Becky A. Smerdon, David T. Burkham & Valerie E. Lee 1999 by Ana Ingstrom on June 10, 2007
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