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Standards, Accountability and School Reform: Perils and Pitfalls

Posted By: Daniel Pryzbyla on October 16, 2002
Well, after reading this excellent article, we can see plainly for the umpteenth time that NCLB politics and education have nothing in common. It's a pro-voucher political agenda about closing "failing" public school doors to garner more students into private and religious schools at taxpayers' expense that could not be done under previous public education regulations.

The recent conservative Supreme Court ruling allowing religious schools is an imperative component to NCLB. The NCES report, "The Condition of Education 2002" shows that in the 1999-2000 school year, "private" schools: 48 percent of school students attended Catholic schools, 36 percent attended "other" religious schools, and only 16 percent attended nonsectarian schools.

The authors'eminent education discourse is ignored because of this current political agenda limited to high-stakes testing and gross punishment - aimed at only public schools. Their brilliant contribution will not be lost, for certain. It will be a significant part of dismantling NCLB in the near future.

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 Standards, Accountability and School Reform: Perils and Pitfalls by Daniel Pryzbyla on October 16, 2002
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