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classroom authority

Posted By: Adam Lefstein on June 11, 2003
Dear David,
I too am intrigued by your question, and especially why relevant literatures on teaching have relatively ignored a topic so central to teaching as most of us experience it. I definitely don't think you're blind or deaf, but perhaps the many inquiries into teaching that don't address issues of power and authority may be. My own take on the question can be found here: Lefstein, A. (2002). "Thinking power and pedagogy apart - Coping with discipline in progressivist school reform." Teachers College Record 104(8): 1627-1655. (The article discusses my experiences as a teacher and teacher professional development facilitator in Israel within broader philosophical and historical contexts.) I'd be quite curious to hear if my analysis makes sense in German and other situations.
Good luck,
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 classroom authority in practice by David Gehle on April 9, 2003
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